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What is RideShare PRO?

RideShare PRO is an all-in-one transportation software platform. This includes a booking widget that can be embedded on any website, a dispatch/operations system, a rider app and a driver app.

What is included in RideShare PRO?

Booking Widget

The Booking Widget is used by your passengers to book, edit, cancel and track their reservations. It can be embedded on any website with minimal effort.

The booking widget can also be white-labeled so it blends seamlessly with your website.

Rider App

The Rider App offers the same functionality as the Booking Widget but in app form! On top of that, it offers more useability to your customers by allowing them to rate their trips, manage their payment information, edit and cancel their reservations, and easily track their driver.

The Rider App can also be white-labeled to support your brand aesthetic.

Driver App

The Driver App is what your drivers will be using to serve your customers. Your drivers can monitor their assigned businesses, manage their profile and documents, manage their earnings and more.

Like the Booking Widget and Rider App, the Driver App can also be white-labeled.

Operations Center

The Operations Center or “Ops Center” is an all-in-one management dashboard wherein you can get a bird's view of your business. It offers a ton of functionality which includes, but not limited to the following:

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...and more!

Why RideShare PRO?

Our app development solution can be tweaked with minimal efforts and can be used to develop unique rideshare apps that suit your requirements.

White-Label Software


Easily handles millions of transactions

Marketing Module

Reduce Costs

Driver Network

How do we use RideShare PRO?

We use RideShare PRO in every facet of our business. From offering booking channels for our customers, to measuring the performance of the company. On top of that, we are also using the platform to break through the food delivery industry.

We are currently serving the county of Los Angeles and assisting them in delivering food boxes to their constituents.

How do you use RideShare PRO for deliveries?

We use RideShare PRO in every stage of our delivery business. This includes importing the recipients information, and automatically generating routes to optimize delivery. The routes are generated using our proprietary algorithm which is designed to maximize the use of our drivers and make sure that our customers get their deliveries on time.

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